1976 gibson explorer for sale

1976 gibson explorer for sale

On October 14, 2012, in Gibson explorer, by admin

1976 Gibson Explorer in the HOUSE!
I’ve done it!! I bought an original ’76 Natural explorer off of my boss at the GREAT House of Guitars! Its all original except for the bridge pickup :( and the tuning keys. The tuning keys are nice worn in mini-grovers that I really dig and work well but the new bridge pickup is a hunk o junk so I gotta change it to something good… But the thing is the PERFECT guitar for me! Since im a Skynyrd-HOLIC I couldn’t ask for a better guitar! Sadly (somewhat), I got this one over my beloved Flame top 58 I wanted to get, I just couldnt come up with the cash for it but lets just say I got an UNBELIEVABLE deal on the explorer! This thing has a nice HUGE neck just how I like it and its like a Giant Tuning fork! The whole guitar vibrates when you hit a chord!

Now I just have to decide:

A: what pickup/pickups I should put into it, I REALLY want to do this one right.


B. Should I go Allen Collins and add a SWEEEEET old vintage flat armed trem to it!?

Give me some advice and feedback if you can and Ill post some good ol’ photos later tonight!

Awesome for you. Just fuck with the pickup for a little while…please don’t put that trem on though.
I for one like the flat arm vibrola I installed on my Allen Collins replica I put together but have never saw one installed on a real 76. I have seen a few bigsbys installed on mahogany Explorers and they looked pretty cool. Anyway wonder if Allen Collins had them installed on his backup Explorers ? ps if it makes any difference I installed 57 Classics in my Korina AC replica and they sound sweet. I have several burstbuckers I could put in there but the 57 classics sound like the real thing in there.

I put a set of antiquities in my 76, call the custom shop and have them wound to what you want. I went a little hotter than stock and I am very happy with the results.

Thanks guys!

I think I really want to try and stay vintage with the pickups If i can. If that doesnt work then Im very open to your suggestions so thanks for the input!

RC! I would be VERY interested if you have one for a decent price!
You can email me at Nfields83@aol.com so we can talk about it. Thanks man, I was really hoping someone might have one!

I have original T-Tops in mine and they sound great to me. The guitar came with them, but they’re from 72 I think, so I don’t know if they were in the guitar originally.
But, as Humbuck said, don’t put the vibrola on it.

Nick, congrats on your Explorer! It seemed like you really wanted it when I saw you a few weeks ago at the H.O.G. Are you going to the Philly Show? I’m going with a buddy of mine on Sat.
Keep your ‘bursts guys, give me gold!

Thanks Steve!

Yeah, it all worked out in the end and I just couldnt turn this guitar down. Historics are plentiful and I have olenty of time to get one.

As for the Philly show, Im trying REALLY hard to get down there. I should know sometime this week if I can or not, my dads just gotta look over his calender to see if he can go with me. If he can then you can bet we’ll be there! It sounds like a heck of a lotta fun!


Nick, Congrats on your explorer. I’m sure it will be something special for a long time for you! I really enjoy your enthusiastic posts. I can tell how much you really love music and LS. Allen Collins used to blow my mind with his playing. One word of advice if I may offer. Don’t ever let a guitar that you feel so strongly about get away….I had the chnace to buy some super vintage wood many years ago and opted for a car first, now I could’t buy a burst unless I win the lottery! never let THE ONE get away…

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Picture – 1976 Gibson Explorer Guitar. U2′s

1976 Gibson Explorer Guitar. U2′s the Edge used this guitar in many stage performances since the U2 album ‘Joshua Tree’ (est. $80,000 and up) * THE EDGE DONATES MUSIC TRINKETS TO AUCTION U2 guitarist THE EDGE is donating music memorabilia from his personal collection to charity, in a bid to raise cash to replace musical equipment destroyed in 2005′s Hurricane Katrina. The rocker – real name David Evans – will donate several items, including two guitars, to the second annual Icons of Music sale. The money raised from the event will go to The Edge’s charity, Music Rising, which aims to preserve the rich musical culture in New Orleans, Louisiana by replacing instruments lost in the atrocity. The charity, which the star created in 2005, with record producer Bob Ezrin and Gibson Guitar Corporation’s chairman Henry Juszkiewicz, has provided grants to replace instruments and equipment for 2,700 professional musicians and 50,000 students and church parishioners to date. The 31 May (08) sale, to be held by Hollywood’s Julien’s Auctions at New York’s Hard Rock Cafe, will also feature guitars played by late rocker Kurt Cobain, Slash and Johnny Cash, as well as a trumpet played by Miles Davis, and handwritten notes by Bob Dylan. The Edge says, There’s something powerful about musicians giving instruments they own to an auction to aid musicians who are going through a particularly difficult time. A lot of musicians were forced to leave the city, leaving behind their instruments and record collections, everything they needed to do what they do. The kind of organic community music academy that was so supportive of handing down the traditions of this music from generation to generation was really vulnerable. (CAM/WNWCAG/MT)

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