1984 gibson explorer for sale

1984 gibson explorer for sale

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Gibson Explorer 1984 reissue or Gibson Explorer 50 year edition
Hey guys,

I’m considering between either getting a Gibson Explorer 1984 reissue in white, near perfect condition with the EMG 81/60 pickups…or the Gibson Explorer 50 year commemorative edition with the Gibson Classic ’57 pickups.

Both are around the same price and i’m just wondering which one is actually worth more and which you think will hold its value more in the future. The reissue was limited to 400 units and the 50 year edition is limited to 1000 units.

I was initially considering getting an Explorer Pro, because of its limited production numbers, but I have not been able to find any recently, plus i may not even like the smaller body size. I find the full-size explorer to be just fine.

If you had to choose, which one and why? Thanks…
Gibson Explorer 50 Year Commemorative Edition…

Personally, I’d pick the ’84 reissue.
I don’t like the look of the 50 Year Commemorative, I prefer a stark white finish, plus, I prefer EMGs over Gibson pickups.

If you’re playing metal ’84 reissue is better for you. Classic ’57 pickups are better to classic rock music/softer hard rock. If you want to play with big amounts of distortion you better choose guitar with EMG. Thats my opinion.

Which guitar would have higher-quality hardware? For example, the 50 year commemorative edition has gold hardware along with Steinberger gearless tuners. Do these additions make the commemorative edition all that much better or more prestigious?

Also, continued opinions about the Gibson Classic ’57 pickups vs. the EMG 81/60 set are appreciated. I would not be playing much classic rock with this one, so im guessing the EMGs would be better suited for metal. However, I’am going through a Pod, if that makes a difference?

i would go with the ’84 one. EMG’s plus age plus the finish make it a better decision.
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The 50 year one looks like balls, get the 84.
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the 84 byfar, i personally dislike very fancy and blingy guitars like that 50 year one

why do you care if its worth a lot in the future?

anyways id go the 84

The commemorative explorer is OK…but the body had been rounded at the edges and doesn’t really have the fell of a true explorer. The 84′, however, is probably the sexiest piece of mahogany that has come out of Nashville over the 10 years! That thing is amazing! I wanted one so bad when they came out, but couldn’t quite afford it. IF IT ONLY HAD BLACK BINDING!!!

Don’t buy the guitars for how many units were made, correct me if I’m wrong but those were both one of those Gibson’s “guitar of the month” guitars? I don’t think either will really be that prestigious since they’re both standard production models.

I talk about the popularity of the two because sometimes a certain guitar model or year will be seen as a complete disaster in the future as compared to other models/years. I simply dont want either of these two to fall into that category.

I care about worth because, in the future, if it turns out i absolute hate the thing and need to sell it for money issues or whatnot, it’ll garner enough cash and desire to sell it at a fairly good price. I just dont want to have it selling for half the price, just because it turned out to be a fluke.

If there are no glaring differences between the quality of the two, then I would have to my decision based on looks alone along with pickups. But, Jest87 does have the good point in noting that the commemorative edition is rounded and doesnt have the true explorer feel.

It’s not going to be a matter of model when people look at guitars, especially now since Gibson guitars are such a big make, it’s going to be a matter of year and I’m not going to lie, no one is going to think of the 2000s as any kind of golden age for Gibsons. As a whole they have been somewhat mediocre in terms of the products they’ve put out as quality control across their entire company seems to be a bit lacking.

If you don’t want to lose money, buy the guitar used, I don’t really think a guitar like this will lose that much value in the coming years. I wouldn’t worry about something like that, Gibsons in general hold their value quite well, just don’t expect for it to suddenly become a super valuable guitar. It doesn’t really happen these days, off the top of my head, since 2000 only one Gibson guitar has really gained a lot of value since it’s release.
Yeah, both of the guitars im looking at would be used.
58′ for me since really the 84′ is just an artic white standard explorer with EMG’s and the pick selector is in a different place were as the 58′ has stuff that has never been on a Gibson explorer such as the inlays (as far an i know) and the beveled edges (pretty cool IMO).

that my input time for breakfast

The 84 RI is fugly and I’m not a fan of EMG pups.

The Commemorative one FTW!

I bought this beauty from Summer Welch (of Baroness) a year or two ago courtesy of a TBer who made the deal happen and it hasn’t gotten out of the house since. That’s not right. This is a player’s bass through and through. It’s going back on the market so someone can show it some love.

Everything on this bass works and it sounds amazing. The neck is one of the best I’ve played. Comes with a new set of strings and miscellaneous items from when I purchased it including a note from Summer.

9-10 lbs on a bathroom scale. The thumb wear pictured below on the back of the neck is smooth and does not impede playing. This is a 32″ scale instrument but I honestly never noticed until someone corrected me in this thread.

$800 firm + split shipping CONUS.

I’ll hear out any and all trade offers but I’m currently only looking for an SVT-II or VR, B15R, or “super cab” like a Thunderchild.

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